World war 2 fascism

This war debt hurt Germany badly, and made it difficult for the economy to get back to normal. At the same time, most Germans considered this requirement grossly unfair. A deep and long lasting anger against France, Great Britain, and the other Allies was the natural result.

World war 2 fascism

World war 2 fascism

Fascism can be defined as a political attitude and mass movement that arose during time between the first and second World War. Fascism is the attitude of giving full interest in economic, social, and military power to a dominant race or state lead by a single dominant leader. Fascism basically rejected the idea of Socialism, Capitalism, and Democracy.

Each culture can believe that it is better and each person can consider himself to be better than his fellow man. Fascism is used to categorize censorship and oppression. Ones who take away freedom from others can be considered fascist. Fascism had the largest effect on Italy and Germany.

World war 2 fascism

The death toll due to fascism in Germany was the highest. It was the Holocaust in Germany that was the most significant. Other countries amounted significant losses of life due to secret police and the removal of unwanted ethnic groups. Other fascist countries had a very small death toll, and others did no kind of ethnic cleansing at all.

Great Britain still had a fascist movement though, and a sizable fascist political party. The amount of censorship and racism in Great Britain was small compared to Italy or German. Poland was hardly a racist or censored country.

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Poland had a government where the military ruled the people, and it had a fascist political party. Poland was a fascist country to a certain degree. Not all countries have to have an open, fascist, ruling government to be considered to have elements of fascism.

Many aspects of fascism are still around today. The idea of fascism can never be wiped out because it is an idea. Until there are no more absolute leaderships by a single person, there will still elements of fascism in the world. Fidel Castro is a dictator in Cuba today.

Augusto Pinochet is the dictator of Chile, Sadam Hussein is still the dictator of Iraq and he is very fascist. There is also no way to wipe out ethnic and racial hatreds.

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People have hated each other for thousands of years. Try as we might, the road to equality is still a very long one. There is no way to make up for thousands of years of oppression. No matter how hard you try you cannot convince an ignorant bigot to love a person he has hated unjustly all his life.Such photos always fascinate me.

I mean the color photos from the past, the older the better. These ones is no exception. We got used to see only black and white photos from the World War 2 – the color photography was very expensive at that times and actually was not widely implemented, and especially usually nobody took the expensive .

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