The influence of tests on teaching backwash

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The influence of tests on teaching backwash

By David Harsanyi November 14, Ilhan Omar, one of the first of two Muslim women to be elected to Congress, is a new kind of politician. She does however, have reservations on the effectiveness of the movement in accomplishing a lasting solution.

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Omar has supported BDS for a while, even though she will now occasionally slip in some platitudes about the peace process.

Every person in Israel has the ability to participate in the democratic process, and all have equal standing under the law. Muslims in Israel have more liberal rights than Muslims anywhere in the Arab world do.

What we do have is a complex situation involving one-time Jewish land that once again fell under Israeli rule after a bunch of neighboring countries tried to destroy it.

Yet Democrats, who claim to hear anti-Semitism dog whistles from every porch in Red America, rarely see a problem with this kind of rhetoric. Whatever inherent flaws exist in these self-reporting statistics, the disparity is real. Not a single Democratic Party leader has condemned their ugly rhetoric or relationship with hate-mongers or their insistence on singling out the one country that happens to be filled with Jews.

Then again, not one Democrat has condemned Omar for comparing the Jewish state to a racist regime. Chuck Schumer about standing up against anti-Semitism. Fortunately, not everyone is consumed by sheer political expediency.

To subscribe to Israel Commentary:Washback refers to the impact of a test on teaching and learning (Bailey, (Bailey,, Cheng, ; Cheng & Curtis, ). Additionally, it can be .

CeZ The notion of washback, or backwash - the influence of tests.

Plowden Report () Volume 1

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The influence of tests on teaching backwash

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