The immorality of legalizing abortion

That is to say, we want to know about the morality of uncoerced, human abortion—so for our purposes abortions are voluntary, deliberate removal of a human fetus. Warren considers the following anti-abortion argument: This includes not only functioning children and adults, but also includes fetuses even very early fetuses and living human bodies without functioning brains e.

The immorality of legalizing abortion

Poli Sci prof IR at U. According to Belvedere, it is impossible to believe that abortion is immoral and that it should be legal. If you missed Part II, check it out here: Abortion, unjustified killing, and overridingnessarcdigital.

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Otherwise, the autonomy of the pregnant woman would be a prevailing moral concern. The most common way to make this moral judgment is equating abortion to murder. Violating individual autonomy is wrong and murder is wrong.

Most would agree that murder is worse though that becomes a more difficult question when the violation of autonomy is chattel slavery.

The argument for legally prohibiting abortion relies on the widely accepted notion that the state should legally prohibit murder. The common method of equating abortion and murder is known as personhood.

Views on abortion, 1995-2018

Essentially, a fetus is a person just like a child or an adult. All three, as persons, have equal moral value. And since ending the life of a person is wrong, ending the life of a fetus is wrong.

In Part I of this series, Belvedere, citing Don Marquis, tries to get around the assumption of personhood by arguing that, even if we assume a fetus is not a person, abortion is still as wrong as murder. Marquis argues that murdering someone is wrong because it deprives them of future value.

Since a fetus also has future value, depriving it of that value via abortion is morally equivalent to murder.

This strikes me as a semantic hand-wave. A case for the irrelevance of personhoodarcdigital. Therefore, abortion is as immoral as murder and, just like murder, should be outlawed. Therefore, forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy to term against her will is immoral, and abortion should be legal.

Most everyone agrees that murder is wrong and that violating individual autonomy is wrong. In other words, you take it on faith. They might not even be the most common. And with different bedrock beliefs, one can make a logical argument that abortion is morally wrong and should still be legal: The fetus is simultaneously part of the pregnant woman and a separate entity.

They are at once together and separate. A fetus has moral value, but less moral value than a person. It does not have zero moral value, like some skin cells that could be scratched off without a thought, but it does not have the same moral value as an adult human either.

Under this formulation, the fetus has some moral value because it has a potential future, but not as much moral value as a person, because a person has a future and a present. And the complicated nature of these beliefs is why abortion is complicated.

The combination of these two beliefs is why many people who think abortion is immoral support exceptions in the cases of rape or incest. When conception comes from a gross violation of autonomy, it tilts the moral scales.

These bedrock beliefs are why very few women who get an abortion do so happily or nonchalantly.Our nation and others are murdering a whole generation of humans in mass infanticide that was legalized in January of by the Roe v. Wade decision made by an unrighteous group of people on the Supreme Court.

Now forty-three percent of all women have an abortion and forty-seven percent of abortions are repeats. While it was assumed that she died at the hands of a back alley butcher, the family later confirmed that she died the way most women died before Roe vs.

Wade legalized abortion in this country in ; she died from a self-induced abortion attempt. Abortion is immoral because of the late-term method and dejection of human rights and is a controversial topic conveyed in many different ways by the media.

Views about abortion, 2018: A detailed look

Late-term abortion is . Mary Warren, “On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion”, Warren defends an extremely permissive view on abortion, according to which abortion is morally permissible at any stage of the pregnancy and under any circumstances.

The immorality of legalizing abortion

What composes abortion's immorality is not just the fetus' rights being infringed, it's the nature of abortion, the procedures of abortion, and the Christian belief that abortion is murder. Roe v. Wade is the landmark case that lead to the legalization of abortion in stating that abortion is 4/4(1).

A survey of adults found that opinions on abortion in the United States were in favour of pro-choice The poll results also indicated that Americans harbor a diverse and shifting set of opinions on the legal status of abortion in the United States.

The survey polled that only 28% of respondents believed abortion should be legal .

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