Parle biscuits pvt

The british plundered the indian people, for more than years. Now, in independent india, parle company has been cheating common, innocent and poor people since the last 80 years!!! State government and central government are unable to take appropriate legal action against parle company.

Parle biscuits pvt

Try out our Premium Member services: Free for one month and pay only if you like it. Yogesh Putney, Advocate for the appellant. Satyen Sethi, Advocate and Mr.

Ashim Aggarwal, Advocate for the respondent. The Revenue has framed the following substantial questions of law in the present appeal: O may not be aware of the existence of various TANs of the deductors and the concerned A.

O in the name of the deductor only as requested by the deductee applicant. Eight of the contractors, executing works for the assessee, furnished certificates as contemplated under Section 2 of the Act addressed to Parle Biscuits Pvt. The assessee made Parle biscuits pvt deduction of tax at the rates so specified in such communications acting on certificates issued by the Assessing Officer of the contractors.

Consequently, passed an order of raising demand against the assessee for the violations of Section C of the Act. The said order was affirmed by the Tribunal.

Learned counsel for the appellant has vehemently argued that it is the responsibility of the assessee to deduct the tax at source in relation to the work executed, but since the tax was not deducted in terms of Section C of the Act, therefore, the order passed by the Assessing Officer has been wrongly set aside by the Commissioner of Income Tax AppealsRohtak and upheld by the Tribunal.

We find that the argument raised is not tenable. In terms of Section C of the Act, any person responsible for paying any sum for carrying out any work, is liable to deduct tax at the time of credit of such sum to the account of the contractor.

Section of the Act contemplates issuance of certificate to the person responsible for paying the income for deduction of tax at the rate lower than the prescribed under Section C.

The relevant Sections read as under: The relevant clause reads as under: Sub clause 4 of the said Rule contemplates that the said certificate issued in terms of Section 1 of the Act is valid only with regard to person responsible for deducting the tax and specified therein.

Sub clause 5 of Rule 28AA contemplates that the certificate shall be directed to the person responsible for deducting the tax under advice to the person who made an application for issue of such certificate.

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The relevant provisions of the Rules reads as under: Such certificate is in terms of clause iii of Section of the Act. Such certificate mandates the persons to whom such certificate is issued to deduct tax at a rate lower than the prescribed rate under Section C of the Act.

Such certificate is to be issued to the Principal Officer of the Company as the person responsible for deduction of tax and not to any other person or unit of the assessee.The learned Assessing Officer found that there is short deduction of tax as the Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai has a separate Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) than the Parle Biscuits Pvt.

Ltd., Bahadurgarh, which implies that the assessee and Parle Biscuits Pvt.

Parle biscuits pvt

Ltd., Mumbai are separate entities for the purpose of deduction of tax at. Sheet1 11HDFC Bank Ltd. Nodal Officer Name: Nozer Morena Telephone: Email: [email protected] Details of Controlling Branch. In a small company by the name of Parle products emerged in British dominated India.

Parle Agro has been a pioneer; creating innovative products and iconic brands since Headquartered in Mumbai, Parle Agro is India’s largest beverage company; harnessing the abilities of employees and 76 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities quenching the thirst of every Indian.

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Parle Products is one of the world leaders in biscuits and confectionery. We retail at major grocery chains across Canada, U.S.A., UK, Australia, New Zealand as well as the Middle East and have manufacturing facilities in Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and Ethiopia.

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