Oracle database analysis

The sales people then booked the value of future license sales in the current quarter, thereby increasing their bonuses. Oracle eventually had to restate its earnings twice, and also settled out of court class-action lawsuits arising from its having overstated its earnings. Ellison stated in that Oracle had made "an incredible business mistake. Informix claimed that Oracle had hired away Informix engineers to disclose important trade secrets about an upcoming product.

Oracle database analysis

Scalable enterprise-wide predictive analytics Architecture Overview Oracle Advanced Analytics 12c delivers parallelized in-database implementations of data mining algorithms and integration with open source R. Oracle Advanced Analytics, a combination of Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprisedelivers predictive analytics, data mining, text mining, statistical analysisadvanced numerical computations and interactive graphics inside the database.

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It brings powerful computations to the database resulting in dramatic improvements in information discovery, scalability, security, and savings. Data analysts, data scientists, statistical programmers, application developers and DBAs can develop and automate sophisticated analytical methodologies inside the database and gain competitive advantage.

Integration with open-source R adds the ability for users to write R scripts and use R packages while leveraging the strengths of the database.

Oracle database analysis

When in-database equivalents are not available, Oracle Advanced Analytics can run them under embedded R mode allowing the database to manage the entire data management and analytical process. Once the data analyst is satisfied with their analytical methodology, Oracle Data Miner can generate SQL scripts for immediate in-database enterprise deployment—saving time and money.

Building and deploying predictive models within the enterprise is fast and easy. Key Benefits Performance and Scalability All data management, preparation and transformations, model building and model scoring run as database processes. Fastest Way to Deliver Enterprise Predictive Analytics Applications The database becomes the scalable and secure platform for delivering predictions and insights to BI dashboards and Applications.

Lowest Total Costs of Ownership No need for separate analytical servers.Red Pill Analytics is a unique Analytics and Business Intelligence Delivery firm, combining the best elements of cloud, Agile development, continuous integration, as-a-service, and outsourcing into a service called Capacity Analytics.

Jul 18,  · Machine Learning is hot. The ability to have an automated system predict, classify, recommend and even decide based on models derived from past experience is quite attractive.

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And with the number of obvious applications of machine learning – Netflix and Amazon recommendations, intelligent chat bots, license plate recognition in parking garages, spam filters in emailRead More. Get Started PL/SQL (procedural language extension to Structured Query Language) In Oracle database management, PL/SQL is a procedural language extension to Structured Query Language (SQL).

Jan 24,  · (imported topic written by Lee Wei) Out of sheer interest and curiousity, I created this Analysis to retrieve information about installed Oracle databases on Windows boxes.

Oracle database management and development tools for database administration, data management and analysis software, data and schema comparison, query building. Products. Database Tools.

Oracle database analysis

Must-have tools for database development, data analysis, data management, and server administration. 3 days ago · Oracle R Enterprise, a component of the Oracle Advanced Analytics option to Oracle Database, turns this concept to reality by providing the foundation for integration of R – open source statistical programming language that is best suited for data analyses – with Oracle Database, enabling high-performance in-database executions of R.

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