Movie review tron

Disney Home Entertainment In DecemberJames Cameron's Avatar made audience and studios sit up and pay attention to 3D technologies, creating a new and revitalised cinema experience.

Movie review tron

November 3rd, Bruce Boxleitner as Tron Tron was made at the advent of the video game craze. Video gaming was still a social event, that actually involved leaving your home. The movie starts with arcade owner, and former computer hacker Kevin Flynn. He gets talked into breaking in to a company and hacking into it's computer.

In this computer, every program is a living "person. In the process, they have to play the Tron games with the discs, tanks and the most famous one with the motorcycles.

The graphics are expectedly outdated, but not so much that it is laughable. Because it all takes place in a fantasy setting, it is easy to excuse the rudimentary animation.

The scenes inside the computer have a very unique look to them. They were filmed in black and white and later colorized. No doubt my computer savvy brother, Scott, could better describe the technical aspects and errors of this movie than I.

Flynn goes to a fantasy word. He meets some friends. They journey to see the most powerful person in the "land. When Flynn is first addressed inside the computer with other new programs in training, he is told, "Those of you who continue to profess a belief in the Users humans will receive the standard substandard training that will result in your eventual elimination.

Those of you who renounce this superstitious and hysterical belief will be eligible to join the Warrior Elite of the MCP. Tron was not the box office giant it was expected to be. It opened just a few weeks prior and was still doing better business than any other film opening 5 weeks later.

To put this into perspective, E. It never stood a chance, but then, what movie would have? Tron might not have been as big a hit as E. Hollywood has never gotten computers right and what I like about this movie is that it never even tries. A big problem with making a movie about hackers or programmers is how do you make watching someone type on a keyboard, interesting?

Tron takes the creative leap of simply bypassing someone typing and imagines what it would be like actually inside a computer. None of it has any basis in reality of course. The writer's and developers make no attempt to model the world inside the computer upon any real computer terminology or architecture, but it's all done so creatively that who cares?

This isn't a documentary. And by avoiding the terminology of the day, it avoids sounding too dated with its dialogue. I think the graphics and special effects hold up remarkably well considering that most of them are hand drawn animation.

Very little of the effects are created by a computer. Any scene where you can see an actor in shot, the effects are hand drawn because they had yet to develop the technology to combine CGI with live actors.

Remarkably Tron wasn't nominated for any Technical Oscars because the Academy accused the Tron producers of cheating with their effects by using computers! The plot of the movie is simple and very lightweight, but it's played very light and fast paced.

The only actors who make an impression are Jeff Bridges and David Warner. Bridges is good as the cocky programmer and Warner makes a good villain. Boxleitner, on the other hand, is fairly wooden and generic and almost anyone could have played his part. Another interesting bit of trivia regarding Tron and E.

Movie review tron

The Tron game was a great success and is generally considered to be an early arcade classic. Urban legend, never verified, is that thousands of unsold E. So perhaps Tron did get one last laugh.

Movie review tron

July 2nd, Jeff Bridges as Clu in Tron.Jan 01,  · In an age of amazing special effects, "Tron" is a state-of-the-art movie. It generates not just one imaginary computer universe, but a multitude of them.

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Using computers as their tools, the Disney filmmakers literally have been able to imagine any fictional landscape, and then have it, through an animated computer program.4/4. TRON: Legacy is an odd sequel as it attempts to capitalize on the technologically groundbreaking but commercially unsuccessfully film TRON..

The original film has built up a cult following. Dated and mediocre but kid-friendly sci-fi from Disney. Read Common Sense Media's TRON review, age rating, and parents guide.

A Nutshell Review: TRON: Legacy In the 28 years since the original Tron movie, there have been, oh, a few innovations in the world of computers, networks, electronics, and communications. But somehow, the makers of this sequel seem to have missed inventions such as "The World Wide Web".

They passed on a tremendous opportunity .

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I believe the first TRON film was the beginning of my life long love affair with all things geek. I will never forget sitting at a drive in, dressed in feet-y pajamas, watching neon cycles zipping.

MOVIE REVIEW: TRON LEGACY () by John Paul Parrot June 15, July 25, Lets face it, Tron was, is, and always will be a CGI movie. The light race and the nightclub scenes show how a new style of music can bring a movie up to a whole new level.

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