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Makro debata

Hair Algae in the Planted Tank Author: Rhonda Wilson Makro debata Planted Tank: November Hideous, hairy, stringy, matted, algae is the bane of the planted aquarium keeper. It can run all over the bottom of your tank and pull up your carpeting plants when you try to remove it.

It can grow in huge nasty globs on the surface of your aquarium, cutting out light. It can fill your tank and even sometimes trap and kill your fish. Makro debata are a number of algae species that grow into a hairy nasty mess.

In fact, algae is so diverse that some types are more closely related to fungus or animals than plants. If you think crypts, vals, and swords are hard to identify, try getting a good specific identification of your algae. Actually, your nasty ball of hair algae may contain several different species of algae.

For the most part, then, we have to talk about algae in general terms and descriptions. Algae is often discussed in terms of its color, which is caused by its pigmentation.

Chlorophyll is a pigment whose predominance makes most plants and green algae green. Green algae can have Makro debata pigments, but they have more chlorophyll. Even within the group of green algae, the organisms are not necessarily closely related.

And even when two types of hair algae look the same, they may not be related, and different forms of treatment may be more effective for each type.

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You may have to experiment with several options before finding something that works. Where Does It Come From? Algae can come into your tank from many sources. Anything that goes into your tank that has been in another aquarium or natural body of water could potentially have algae on it.

This includes plants, fish, snails, or any other living thing in your aquarium—including the water they came in with. Fish, shrimp, and most animals will be your least likely culprits. The shells of snails often have algae growing on them. Plants, as well as any decorations and equipment that have been in another aquarium, will most likely have some types of algae growing on them.

There is even debate in the aquarium community as to what extent airborne spores might play in bringing algae in to the aquarium.

Algae is very small and can come in to your tank from many sources. Reducing Hair Algae Manual Removal The first thing you can do in your battle against hair algae is to remove as much as you can manually.

If your plants have hair algae attached, you can pull them out of the tank to make it easier to manually remove the unwanted mess. Removing the hair algae will often take two hands, one to hold down your plant and one to pull off the algae.

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Good healthy plants are a key to getting rid of algae. Water Changes and Parameters I like water changes as a next step.

Makro debata

Most aquarium authors encourage water changes. If you have a problem with the buildup of excess nutrients, water changes will help that. Depending on the water you use, it should also add some micro-nutrients to the tank. There are some aquarists who believe that water changes should be kept to a minimum in a low-tech tank for various reasons.

One school of thought is that the water changes change the chemical composition of the water quickly, giving the algae the advantage, since it adapts to changes in the environment faster than plants do.

Plants like to get used to one particular environment and stay that way. Changes mean their old leaves are no longer optimal for their surroundings; the more change, the more they need to drop old leaves and grow new ones. When they have to do that, they spend a lot more energy, and the old leaves start decomposing and adding to the problem.

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But I still believe that regular water changes in any tank are good. Twenty years ago I was in the lesser-water-changes crowd, but some friends convinced me to try doing more water changes.

I gave it a try and now believe my fish and plants have done better because of it—so I have switched sides and now advocate regular water changes. I think the benefits outweigh the possible disadvantages.

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