Kodak case study questions

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Kodak case study questions

It was a motto that opened the door to mass-market consumer photography — a popular culture pioneered by Kodak, but which its recent sorry decline has shown it failed to keep pace with.

The habit of button-pressing is of course more popular then ever — see Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr et al. Indeed for much of the twentieth century Kodak was an American industrial icon — at one point enjoying a similar status as tech giant Apple does today.

Since the turn of the century however, the fortunes of the once mighty photographic firm have plummeted. The NYSE even went as far as to warn the company that it risked being delisted.

So where did it go wrong? Kodak factfile Kodak was founded by George Eastman incredited with inventing the first photographic film in roll form Kodak was added to the Dow Jones Industrial Average inremaining a Dow component for seven decades A Harvard study in found that Kodak accounted for 90 per cent of film sales and 85 per cent of camera sales in the US In Kodak employedworldwide.

While that explanation has some merits, it is far from the full picture. In fact Kodak was a pioneer in the development of digital cameras, producing the first prototype megapixel digital camera in You can see a picture of the camera on this Kodak blog, the title of which is a story in itself: In fact, the early cameras made by Canon, the current global leader in digital cameras, lagged well behind those of Kodak in terms of consumer acceptance as well as critical reviews.

Why then is Kodak struggling to survive despite a strong start in the promising — and still rapidly growing — arena of digital imaging? An excellent example of this is the case of Fanuc, the Japanese maker of machine tool controls.

But after the first oil shock inoperating costs of those controls became prohibitive because they consumed a lot of oil. In response, Fanuc began a huge effort to shift to computer controls.

A generation ago, a “Kodak moment” meant something that was worth saving and savoring. Today, the term increasingly serves as a corporate bogeyman that warns executives of the need to stand up. Point Shoot in High Definition! The Kodak EasyShare Z is a point and shoot digital camera capable of shooting megapixel images. The Z features a mm (f/) Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon lens capable of 5x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, giving you complete control! 64 MB of internal memory is built into the Z but you can expand that with the SDHC/SD/MMC slot. A case study of Kodak is been given as an example because Kodak has gone through a transition phase in a period between 's to 's, due to introduction of new technology in the field of photography specially digital photography.

It overcame gaps in its own knowledge by partnering with diverse sources including the University of Tokyo, its customers, end-users and sometimes even existing as well as potential competitors, such as GE and Siemens which had their own aspirations in this industry.

The external knowledge from these partnerships was combined with a number of other elements including its own internal knowledge, some bold strategic bets being the first to use an Intel microprocessor in a dusty, dirty and hot factory environment and a far-sighted leadership which had the vision of global leadership.

Not only did Fanuc manage to successfully adopt new electronic technology, it also became a dominant leader. Although it was a pioneer in the technical aspects of digital imaging, it lacked skills in areas such as lens making and manufacturing making efficient and reliable electronic devices to successfully commercialise products based on its innovations in digital imaging.

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As a result, Kodak remained stuck in the lower end of the digital camera spectrum and could never compete in the high end of the spectrum, which is where the bulk of the profits are.

That all begs the question: Why did Kodak fail to achieve the integration of external and internal knowledge? After all, Kodak was for decades a greatly admired company which owned an iconic brand.

The answer lies in the quality of management. Unlike Fanuc which had the towering figure of Dr Inaba, a key scientist in his field of robotics and numerical controls; in its effort to provide the visions needed to adapt to the new technologies and then lead the world market, Kodak went through a number of CEOs — it is on its fourth CEO since The short tenure of each CEO made working towards a distant goal of industry leadership in the fast evolving technology of digital imaging rather difficult.

Kodak case study questions

Kodak also went through numerous restructurings which were traumatic for the employees and sometimes also taking it into unfamiliar and hypercompetitive markets such as printers, again diluting its focus. The key stumbling block was its inability to convert its technical expertise into tangible products that could be sold profitably Complacency also played its part.

Kodak is based in Rochester, New York, where it was the largest employer and has a towering influence.

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Possibly, in its efforts to continue to be good to the local community, Kodak let its costs get out of control. Like many corporate peers such as GM, legacy costs funding generous retirement packages became a huge burden, especially when revenues started to decline.

From my perspective, the key stumbling block was its inability to convert its technical expertise into tangible products that could be sold profitably in other words a sustainable business model. Kodak had several gaps in its expertise to design a complete business model but lacked the clarity of vision or the continuity of leadership to acquire the resources in a systematic fashion, let alone integrate them with its considerable internal knowledge of digital imaging.

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Other companies facing similar technological discontinuities would do well to remember the critical role of integration of internal and external knowledge to achieve innovation, which would, in turn, improve their chances of successful adaptation.Archives and past articles from the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and regardbouddhiste.com The focus of this lesson will be on portraits and self-portraits in photography.

A portrait is a photograph of a person taken by another person, while a self-portrait is a picture one takes of. Thought Of The Day. ADVERTISEMENT. Kodak Case Study Questions Case Solution, Analysis & Case Study Help The transfer of ownership was integral for the professional distribution of PCR engineering.

Cetus focused on purposes for diagnostics. Roche planned to de. This portion of the museum contains cameras which are medium format with film that is larger than 35mm and generally " or 6cm wide.

Cameras are listed alphabetically by manufacturer. Jan 18,  · The results of the study produced both “bad” and “good” news. The “bad” news was that digital photography had the potential capability to replace Kodak’s established film based business.

Kodak Case Study Questions - Case Solution, Analysis & Case Study Help