Help writing a story on obedience

Many of which have the same outcome. Others have a very different outcome. In the book of Daniel, there are plenty of ways that the Bible can show you that there are some bad things that come out of obedience and some good things that come out of disobedience. Obedience is part of life.

Help writing a story on obedience

What did the angels instruct Lot and his family to do? If Mom and Dad tell you not to peek inside a gift, is it hard or easy to obey?

What does God say about those who ignore instructions? What do you think God wants us, your parents, to do if you do not obey?

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Key concepts Lot tried to honour God in everything he did and to live how God wanted him to. But Lot and his family lived in a city filled with very wicked people. Two angels came and told Lot to take his family and hurry out of the city, and not to look back, as God was about to destroy the city.

God dealt with her disobedience severely, turning her into a pillar of salt. Just as obedience is very important to God, obedience is very important in our family.

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What did God ask Jonah to do? What did Jonah do instead? What happened to Jonah when he tried to run away from God? Do you feel like running away and hiding when Mom or Dad ask you to do something? What would God want you to do?

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Do you think God would send you into the belly of a whale for a time out? Key concepts God gave Jonah a job to do. He wanted Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and warn them that God was planning to discipline all the people there because of their evil behaviour.

But instead of doing what God asked, Jonah ran away. He joined some sailors on a boat headed for Tarshish. God knew where Jonah was and chose to discipline him. When God sent a frightening storm, Jonah realized the storm was his fault.

Jonah told the sailors to throw him overboard to save their own lives. Instead of letting Jonah drown, God sent a big fish to swallow him. When Jonah was in the fish, he prayed and told God that he was sorry for not obeying.A short story teaching children about true justice A short story teaching children to be brave over fear and bullying A new world of stories to learn values within your family.

From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible has a lot to say about obedience. In the story of the Ten Commandments, we see just how important the concept of obedience is to God. Deuteronomy sums it up like this: "Obey and you will be blessed.

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help writing a story on obedience

Plot is what happens Theme is why it happens. Why you’re telling this story.

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It’s the message you want readers to take away. In fact, I urge you to determine why . Obedience to God through Daniel Essay. There are a lot of different things the Bible can tell us about obedience and disobedience - Obedience to God through Daniel Essay introduction.

Many of which have the same outcome. Short Stories for girls and boys written by: Rosa Jimenez Peralta. Once upon a time there was a girl called Dayane, she was very disobedient, never obeyed .

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