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Early detection and surgery alone lead to an extended life expectancy of 4—6 months. Research is underway at several veterinary medical facilities to find a means of early diagnosis and treatment for this fatal cancer. While researchers at the University of Minnesota have developed a promising line of research involving stem cells, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine have investigated a mushroom compound that can significantly extend the lives of dogs suffering from HSA.

The positive results of this study suggest a treatment that is relatively inexpensive, produces no side effects and does not require a prescription.

In the initial stages, the cancer develops very slowly, asymptomatically and painlessly. The most common primary sites of the tumors are the spleen, the right atrium of the heart and the tissue beneath the skin.

The tumors themselves are vascular in nature. As they grow, they attempt to develop their own blood supply. However, the blood vessels are of inferior quality and malformed. Over time they begin to leak and clot, causing blood loss into the abdominal cavity, heart sac and subcutaneous tissues.

Dogs with HSA may occasionally appear lethargic, but as the body quickly reabsorbs the lost blood, they may bounce back again. As the tumors grow, they shed cells into the bloodstream; eventually, the tumors themselves rupture.

Frequently, by the time of diagnosis, the cancer has already aggressively metastasized to the lungs, liver and intestines. The most common HSA sites include the spleen, skin, right atrium and liver.

Current Treatment for Dogs With Hemangiosarcoma Splenetic and subcutaneous tumors are more readily treatable. The current standard of care is to remove the tumor surgically and then to treat with chemotherapy. As most universities and veterinary practices do not perform open heart surgery on dogs, there is little that can be done for atrial tumors.

Many owners opt not to treat their dogs given the poor prognosis resulting from these expensive treatments. Turkey Tail Fungus or Yunzhi Mushroom Source The Number One Holistic Cancer Fighter The Coriolus versicolor mushroom, known commonly as the yun zhi mushroom or the turkey tail mushroom, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 2, years.

Chinese medical practitioners have prized yun zhi for its healing and energizing properties. As interest in holistic approaches to medicine has increased over the last two decades, Western researchers have begun studying this mushroom for its potential as a possible cancer fighter in humans and in canines alike.

Much of the research has focused on a compound found within the mushroom called polysaccharopeptide or PSP. Silva Couto and his associates mounted a year-long clinical trial examining the effects of yun zhi mushroom supplementation on patients with human papillomavirus HPV.

The findings were impressive: Coriolus supplementation demonstrated a 72 percent regression rate in lesions compared to In another study, researchers in Hong Kong tested people with lung cancer at various stages of progression of the disease who were receiving radiation treatment.Fusion Powder Coating Specializing in Automotive, Motorcycle, Marine and Outdoor metals.

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