Five paragraph essay hunger games

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Five paragraph essay hunger games

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Whether music, television, books or music, people tend to believe the published or broadcasted materials. The illusions make them think that the actions depict reality.

By watching reality television, viewers deem the world to be just as the characters in the production display it. Despite the entertainment and enlightenment, they provide to the viewers, reality television have notable negative aspects.

Reality television focuses on conflicts rather than pacified lifestyles since it is produced to be entertaining. However, viewers perceive the world to be chaotic and full of conflicts as they watch the productions consistently. This also negatively affects how they act in their particular societies.

In her Five paragraph essay hunger games Hunger Games, Collins warns people about the dangers of popular media by showing how viewers are swayed by what they see. While other districts enjoy the reality broadcast of the tributes attempting to kill each other, District 12 engages in a riot to protest the killings.

People can be divided by race, territory, ethnicity, social class, gender, educational background, income status, religion and political dimension. Such factors make them identifiable in any given society. The world of Panem is divided into twelve districts subject to the government known as Capitol.

This is similar in the real life situation where there are countries divided into cities and states and controlled by a superior authority or the government.

According to Collinsthe districts have a past of rebelling against Capitol, the government of Panem and their present is characterized by a punishment of chosen children who are supposed to kill each other in the annual hunger games.

Panem is under the dictatorship of President Snow. In a real life setting, the government controls the citizens by ensuring that they uphold the law.

Failure to that invites penalties such as imprisonment or other penal rulings. Just as Panem, countries in the real world are led by presidents.

District 12 might have one winner in history because not all previous tributes were successful to be victors in all the past Hunger Games. The advantage District 1, 2 and 3 have over District 12 is that the three districts have many resources therefore giving the tributes opportunities to train well and be fit for the fight.

The three Districts were wealthier and they had more supplies than District 1, therefore, Collins shows the unequal distribution of resources in the society. The wealthy people progress while the poor continue to wallow in poverty yet they participate in the same activities.

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Those competing in the Hunger Game are children who have no choice in their participation. Collins shows that children are obliged to follow the societal rules and culture despite the uncomfortable conditions they are subjected to in their lives. A child does not have a say in the community because he or she is regarded as an immature individual who cannot make the decisions for him or herself.

Each family from each district must give up their child at the age of 13 for the selection process of tributes. Being an annual culture, children became accustomed to the requirement and process and they had no choice but to adhere to rules. Collins also shows how the welfare and desires of children are ignored by superior people in the society.

Five paragraph essay hunger games

It is very difficult for children to make their own decisions because of the culture they are accustomed to and the adverse circumstances that oblige them to participate in the stipulated activities. The Capitol under President Snow is focused to punish the people of Panem because of a past rebellion.

It sponsors the reality broadcast of the fighting tributes to serve as entertainment for the rich Districts. In addition, it in considerate of the frustrated families from poor districts who surrender their children for dangerous fighting that can lead to death.

Collins seems to be satirical about such governmental practices. According to her, the government should develop all segments of its territory.

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Instead of favoring the higher social class, it should foster universal improvement and ensure that every individual is well catered for in every situation. District 12 is the poorest among the districts and is still underdeveloped. The president practices authoritarian rule that limits the free will of the subjects.

Collins believes the government should be more concerned with improving the living standards of its citizens than practicing full control over them.This activity uses listening and the Hunger Games to help students practice the unreal conditional in here to download, or look below to preview the worksheet.

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A five-paragraph essay is a prose composition that follows a prescribed format of an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph, and is typically taught during primary English education and applied on standardized testing throughout schooling.

The Hunger Games; The Hunger Games. 9 September Logic; Directions: Choose one of the following essay prompts below. You will compose a five paragraph essay that contains the following: * An introduction that contains an attention getter and a thesis statement (argument) * Three body paragraphs each of them containing one supporting reason.

The Hunger Games vs. Twilight: An Argumentative Essay Joshua Gabriel Palma Lontoc BLL October 5, One of the popular movies nowadays is The Hunger Games, which tells the story of a girl named Katniss Everdeen who joins the 74th annual hunger games as a .

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