Are research papers outdated

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Are research papers outdated

Posted on August 19, by pat thomson I recently had an email from a colleague asking me what I would do if I was examining a thesis and the vast majority of the literatures were over ten years old.

Would this be a problem? What would I say? Well I agreed that this was nearly always a problem in science, where knowledge-building is usually taken to be iterative — researchers build on what has gone before.

But using dated literatures was also likely to be a problem in the social sciences, arts and humanities.

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However, I said, I often saw another problem in these disciplines — theses which had the exact opposite difficulty — there was nothing in the literatures that was presented that was over ten years old. This could be equally worrying, I suggested. And even if they have just been invented, they usually draw on other fields which are well established.

Examiners expect doctoral researchers to show that they understand something of the development of their field, and that they understand why it is the way that it is. In other words, the researcher must show how the field they are in, as well as the problem that they are researching, are historically situated.

They must indicate what seminal texts and writers are relevant.


They must also indicate ongoing debates in the field. An examiner may well conclude that a researcher who works with literatures that are all very recent is someone who has, either knowingly or not, adopted a kind of amnesiac stance to what they are doing.

Scholars generally live in crowded territories where someone is always writing something that is relevant to at least part of their endeavour. It means getting to grips with the present. In order to specify the contribution to be made, the researcher must survey the field and its trends — and this means right up to the moment.

Presenting a set of texts that are over ten years old will appear to examiners as an ossified view, stuck in a particular period. Of course with a thesis, as with a book or an article, there does come a point when the researcher just has to stop reading and finish the piece off.

Very few researchers start from scratch. They always use some ideas and approaches that have gone before. So one of the major tasks of the literature review is for the researcher to identify the ideas and approaches that they will use. If there is no recent literature referred to in the review, then the examiner is likely to read this as the researcher not knowing the field, and therefore not building on its most recent developments.What is a Research Paper?

"Research paper." What image comes into mind as you hear those words: working with stacks of articles and books, hunting the "treasure" of others' thoughts? Nurses use research to answer questions about their practice, solve problems, improve the quality of patient care, generate new research questions, and shape health policy.

Mar 22,  · Outdated sources, whether printed material or visual media, are questionable when it comes to validation assessment in research.

Is this an easy assessment to make? The answer is: sometimes yes, sometimes no.

Are research papers outdated

The rule for conducting research is that sources go back no earlier than ten, sometimes fifteen, years prior.

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