An analysis of the topic of an early explorers journals

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An analysis of the topic of an early explorers journals

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Pose and respond to specific questions by making comments that contribute to the discussion and elaborate on the remarks of others. Creating the Purpose 5 minutes I like to open with a question to get them wondering in the direction I am going with the lesson by asking - What does it take for someone to get in your history book?

Take responses and then summarize them by saying that they need to do something remarkable or noteworthy that affects our lives in the past and in the present. Now that you have their attention - Ask - Are people still getting written about today in History textbooks?

Exploration of North America - HISTORY

If not - ask why? You can even give a copyright lesson here by having them search for the date the book was published. Let them talk but then reign them back in so you can get to the objective of the lesson!

Now tell them that today we are going to choose our favorite explorer and share what we have learned about his adventures by "becoming this explorer" and writing a journal entry about a day in his life. You will write from his perspective and give your first hand account of your adventures discovering the Americas.

I then read the text to the third paragraph when he returns from his trip down the Mississippi to find the fort abandoned and burned down. I get that excited look in my eyes and tell them that this would be a great story to tell because of the excitement in the events that happen.

I also talk about how we need to outline the sequence of events but can add details to them to make them exciting for the reader as long as I do not change the details as they are written in the passage. To have the ability top take the perspective of the explorer they need to reread the passages and discuss what happened - both the good and the bad.

An analysis of the topic of an early explorers journals

This builds the suspense and problem - solution format of their writing that will help them to recreate the drama in their journal writing. I write in the sequence of events "text words" boxes: I check these for completion and correct information and explicit text language before they can write their journal entries.

Early Explorer Journal Page.[In the following essay, Bergon considers the Lewis and Clark journals as characteristic of early American nature writing. The Lewis and Clark expedition, like the adventures in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Odyssey, was a trek into an unfamiliar and often frightening wilderness—the first, longest, and largest of nineteenth-century US government .

Journals of Australian Land and Sea Explorers and Discoverers In March Willem Janszoon, on board the Duyfken, charted about km of the west coast of Cape York Peninsula in Queensland. He is the first authenticated discoverer of Australia.

An analysis of the topic of an early explorers journals

Sep 13,  · European Explorers. The Early American writings from the European explorers are primarily in the form of narratives and letters. These letters describe the explorers’ travels and discoveries, and serve as a Reviews: Summary GlobalData’s "Power Annual Deals Analysis ", report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and financings in the power market.

The report provides detailed information on mergers and. 1st read about eight explorers, four today and four in the next lesson 2nd log facts on the back identifying: Personal Background, Sponsor Country, Purpose for Exploration, Areas Explored, Impact on Native Americans, Impact of the Expedition.

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