A biography and life work of herbert mitgang an american author

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A biography and life work of herbert mitgang an american author

Click here for ordering information for this new edition and for access to the supplemental material. The lost cause of the Confederacy is still alive in one of the Deep South backwaters of apartheid that hasn't caught up with Federal civil rights laws There is a landscape of mystery in coastal Georgia: For 15 years, Melissa Fay Greene waited and listened to the stories of McIntosh County, Georgia -- black, white, young, old and down-right ancient.

She heard Henry Curry talk about his wife of 66 years: She heard the attorneys who had worked in Georgia Legal Services talk about creating social change and "the biggest bang for the buck.

He was too powerful to do it himself. He always have somebody to have it done. Through a combination of oral history and interpretive narrative, Greene has created a work of great drama, a chorus of voices that is both disturbing and inspiring.

I intend to try to make a joyful noise here. Melissa Fay Greene has written a superb account of life and struggle in a tiny place. Because of its themes and the brilliant way the author has handled them, this book could stand as a metaphor for the halting American effort to become something better than we have been Most of all, it is a story of simple black people enduring and rising very, very slowly and then a little faster on the broad back of a flawed leader who ultimately breaks because he is human and has aspirations and burdens that push him past his limits.

They are the kind of rural black people whom I see walking in the withering summer heat on the side of the highway as I hurtle in my air-conditioned car down U.

I say to myself, 'They're not far out of slavery, those people; I wonder what they know and think and remember. And how she tells us! The civil rights movement will never look quite the same. Libraries may have difficulty classifying it, but I will keep it on the shelf next to James Agee, another irreverent natural writer who tried, through his appetite for life and language, to drive inconsequence from the world.

A biography and life work of herbert mitgang an american author

But she also catches the essential unity of the human experience of this insidiously beautiful, treacherous land with its history that is both placid and bloodstained. What Greene has written is political history of a rare kind She is an extraordinarily fine writer able to bring a people and a place to life without sentimentalizing or refashioning human beings into heroes and villains.

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She knows it is enough to be human. Her writing is characterized by a genuine love of whom and what she is writing about as well as a genuine love for the act of writing itself.

This is a rare combination and the result is a rare reading experience.Herbert Mitgang (January 20, – November 21, ) was an American author, editor, journalist, playwright, and producer of television news documentaries.

In this first biography in over three decades, Brayton Harris uses long-overlooked files and recently declassified documents to bring to life one of America's greatest wartime heroes. Deviant Author by: Harold Schechter. Norman Sherry, the author of a comprehensive new biography of Mr.

Greene, recalled the author's words while in New York recently to talk about the first volume of his ''Life . —Herbert Mitgang, The New York Times In the official biography of Sir Winston Churchill, of which this is the first of eight volumes, Randolph Churchill—and later Sir Martin Gilbert, who took up the work following Randolph’s death in —had the full use of Sir Winston’s letters and papers, and also carried out research in many.

Jul 11,  · William Shawn, the editor of The New Yorker, remarked, “E.B. White was a great essayist, a supreme stylist.

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His literary style was as pure as any in our language. It was singular, colloquial, clear, unforced, thoroughly American and utterly beautiful.”. Buy Abraham Lincoln: A Press Portrait (North's Civil War) (The North's Civil War) 2Rev Ed by Herbert Mitgang (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store.

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